Yesterday was  October 15th and I of course had to rush around in the morning to get my tax returns post-marked and on their way before the end of the day.

I needed to print two copies from my accountant and then find a DHL. So I hooked up my computer to the printer (I have never successfully figured out how to print over wifi from any printer I have ever owned that claims such capability) select 2 for the number of copies and hit print.

After dealing with the inevitable lack of paper followed up with a
paper jam I got my two copies.  Great.

No wait, its not great.  I got two of page 1, two of page 2, two of page 3,  in that order and I had to sort them.

Here is my question:  I have sat and thought about when I would EVER want that to happen and I cant think of a single situation.  Numerous times in my life I have had to separate copies into their proper order but not once, ever, can I recall thinking Oh shit, these copies came out in the proper order!!, now I will have to put all the page 1s together, all the page 2s together, etc

I understand why that could be an option for the mythical situation where one would want that but it should NEVER be the default and should probably result in a are you sure? pop-up like you get for every other activity that you actually want to do on your computer.