So as I travel around the world I sometimes encounter things that I have never seen in the U.S.

First, I give you the ability to “recall” a elevator button push by pushing the floor number again.  Ever get into and elevator and some jerk has pushed all the buttons?  Ever accidentally push the wrong button?

At this elevator in my old apartment building in Panama those things aren’t a problem.  Watch:


I would be curious to know if there is any reason why elevators in the US don’t have this.  Perhaps there is a fire code reason or some such thing.  I’ll tweet Otis Elevator and ThyssenKrupp and report back if I get an answer.

I suppose this next idea isn’t desperately needed, but when I went to Medellin for thanksgiving the fridge in the apartment that we rented on AirBnb had a built in beer holder:


fridge beer holder