Welcome to my site!  I was born in New York City.  We lived on 9th street until I was almost 3 years old, at which time we moved to Greenwich, CT.  The only two memories I have of the apartment in New York are that my parents had some sort of straw or jute rug in their bedroom that hurt my feet when I walked on it, and that my brother had a Joe Namath radio that was positioned on the shelf in our room such that I looked at it as I fell asleep.

I went to Greenwich Public Schools and then to Columbia for my undergraduate degree in Economics.  While at Columbia I worked a few days per week for my father’s investment company, R.B. Haave Associates.  At this point my parents had divorced and my father moved to Stamford and around when I graduated moved his office to New Canaan, CT.  I worked for him in New Canaan until early 2000.



During this time I was active in Greenwich politics and for a while had my own radio show.

I moved to Oklahoma City in 2002.  In Oklahoma I had jobs with Devon Energy, where I managed over $1 billion in short-term investments, and then later as the Director of the Investment and Consulting Group of Asset Services Corporation ($4 billion under advisement) and as the Chief Investment Officer of Investrust, N.A with over $2 billion of assets.

I left Investrust/Asset Services in the beginning of 2007..  It was after this that I started to take on the life of the global transient.

During this time I was involved in various real estate and contracting projects, including the refurbishment of the Central Bank of Liberia and numerous properties in Panama.

It was around this time that I started focusing in on what I thought the next big need was in global finance.

The offshore asset protection industry suffers from management and administration that is not used to working at US service and compliance levels, and the offshore investment industry suffers from a short-term, commission based outlook.

It’s for this reason my friend Bobby Casey( Global Wealth Protection) and I founded Agora Trust.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/gordonhaave

You can view my TripAdvisor profile here:  http://www.tripadvisor.com/members/gordonh213

I generally believe that living a free and stimulating life requires the shedding of personal possessions, and I suggest that you all give it a shot.  If you live somewhere interesting drop me a line.  I might come and visit your city for a while – so long as it is served by Star Alliance.

You will find some broad themes in my posts:

1.  Many of the worlds problems are caused by unrealistically drawn borders by Europeans who drew borders in other nations for their own purposes and without regard to local cultural concerns.

2.  Most of the violence and corruption in the world not related to poorly drawn borders is related to the War on Drugs.  3rd world people have zero interest in the War on Drugs, but US policy and economic “aid” keeps their governments in line.  Fortunately this appears to be changing.

3.  Modern economics is hopelessly corrupted with entire schools of thought plagued by clearly wrong ideas.  The best example being that consumption drives economic growth as opposed to investment and production.

4.  People are largely irrational – this is a key difference I have with the Austrian School of Economics.

5.  Anytime the US government and media agree on a narrative of a political or historical issue,not only is it untrue but in fact the exact opposite is true.

6.  Americans have a strange notion that most of the rest of the world is unsafe when in fact all of Europe and many other places are far safer than the US.

7.  Get rid of your possessions.

8.  Happiness is a Choice